YTM-A Series Multi-function High Quality medical Sterillizer is designed for various
uses by any medical institutions.
This series contains five majou features:  
  1.1.Intelligent Safety mechanism
  2.Precise sterilization capability and wide applications  
  4.Automatic control system  
  5.Sterilization processes are precision assured by Microprocessor Controller System.  
The R&D,product design, manufacturing and assembiling processes and
supervisions. All products passed the nation welding and pressure vessel standards
befor shipping. The quality of our products is further ensured by the ISO 9001
Quality Assurance Standards.
The steriliztion procedure of YTM-A Series is fully
monitored and recorded by a PLC Microprocessor Controller to ensure safety and
enhance the life cycle of the sterilizer. YTM-A Series Sterilizer, available in many
sizes, with the mobile cart and accessories will be your best choice.
Intelligent Safety Mechanism  
  YTM-A Series High Quaility sterilizer is easy and safe to operate. Its multi-safety structure design can protect users as well as the environment. Safety structures includes:
(1) the chamber is made of dual-layered stainless steel.
(2) the door has two safety devices,and will lock up automatically when the inner pressure of thesterilizer reaches 0.2kg/cm .
(3) the silicon gasket of door is one piece foaming.
Precise Steriliztion Capability and Wide Asoptability  
  YTM-A Series meets various requirements of sterilization processes. The maximum operating pressureand temperature is 2.8kg/cm and 142°C.
Listed below are five procedures available for different sterilizaton purposes:
  (1(1)Wrapped (2)Liquid(3)Unwrapped (4)glassed (5)User-customized procedures.  
  Sterilization procedures utilize microprocessor controller, and is easy to use and maintain.User setting can also be done easily by following the instructions on the display.  
High Quality Controller and Parts  
  YTM invested tremendous men hours and resources to develop parts and accessories specifically for use in the sterilizers for example, the Programmable Microprocessor Controller(PLC)and specialized sterilizing solenoid......etc. The premium quality of YTM sterilizers has made YTM the leading makers in Taiwan.
Automatic Controller System Designed Specifically for the Sterilizer  
  (1)Ultrahigh pressure automatic valve
(2)Automatic water drainer
(3)Automatic pressure controller
(4)Vacuumed pump and controller
(5)Solenoid for sterilzing procedure
(6)Heat changer
(7)Automatic water feeding system
Sterilization procedures are precision assured by Microprocessor Controller System.  
  YTM is a pioneer in utilizing Microprocessor Controller Technology for the
medical sterilizers, which is adopted in all series of YTM products.
  The unit of Controller System contains the following four components:  
(1) Programmable Microprocessor Module
(2) 24-line Printer
(3) heat and humidity resistant VFD display
(4) 4X4 Numeric Keyboard.
1. Microprocessor modules main function:
(1) Build-in calendar in the module can accurately Record sterilization procedures and dates.
(2) Users can select procedures modes or change procedures time and temperature
setting by using the keyboard.
(3) Microprocessor Module will monitor factors such as the water level and sterilization
temperature, duration, and whether door is securely locked.
(4) When abnormal condition occurs, error messages will show and print out,generate
alarms in the same time,and stop operating.
(5) Build-in pressure sensing and temperature detecting functions.
2 . VFD Display
  Displays mode selection such as:sterilization processes, time, temperature, pressure,
complete instruction, malfunctioning messages and othe functions.
3 . 24 line Printer
  Prints process mode single node status, such as time and temperature, and records
oven temperature every minute during sterilization processes.
4 . 4X4 Numeric Input Keyboard.
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